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Rhinoplasty surgery can be done under local or general anesthesia . I do my operations under general anesthesia if there is not a very special situation.I think it is meaningless to discuss it in today’s conditions.

Another important point is:

Absolutelly I do not do my surgeries in the clinic environment.This place should be the operation room that the surgeon must be comfortable with.

What are we do while the surgery is once the nose functions are guaranteed, we do change the cartilage and bone structures to create the desired shape.

Technical issues are starting now at this point.Let’s follow step by step.


Contrary what we supposed the believe , there is no major differences between the two techniques.

Approximately 5 mm of an section is made at the lower part of the nose, joines with intranasak sections and when the skin is removed it is open; if operation is performed by removeing the skin with intranasal section without 5 mm incision it is a close technique.

The important point here is:

The surgeon must be apply the both techniques  and choose which technique is more suitable for which patient.Because if there is no major problems at the tip of the nose,tiny problems can be solved with closed technique.

Other than that, it is a worse picture constitutes.Problems become inevitable if open technique is not preferred by patients are insistent of closed technique.