Opr. Dr. Yunus Kaplan

Born in 1979 in Iskenderun, Op.Dr.After graduating from

Gaziantep University Faculty of Medicine in 2001,Yunus

Kaplan left the Department of ENT at Gaziantep University

Faculty of Medicine as an expert in 2009. Afterwards,he

Worked in the following hospitals,respectively;


Job history ;

Cizre State Hospital 2009–2011

Private Batman World Hospital  2011-2013

Private Istanbul Hospital 2013-2015

Medipol Hospital 2015-2016

Yunus Kaplan Private Clinic 2016-

Intermed Nisantasi Clinic  2018-

As of 2016,one of the doyens of the Rhinoplasty

community.He worked with Op.Dr. SüreyyaŞeneldir.(2016-2018)

20 Years surgery experience.

Instagram : @opdryunuskaplan

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